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 Pilates is...
     A relaxing and rejuvenating mat class that focuses on the entire body including the core.  Each class includes overall muscle conditioning including  stretching, flexibility, strengthening, toning, endurance and deep breathing.  This promotes core strength, circulation, proper posture & balanced body   alignment which alleviates many clients aches & pains.  Get ready to have your stress and worries melt away!

 Free Fitness & Pilates Workshops is...
      A Free 1 hour Pilates Workshop for the new participant to understand, learn and practice the basic principles, exercises and deep breathing of Pilates   while meeting other new students.   The next Saturday @ 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. to be announced (Carlisle Memorial Hall)

 Pilates with Weights...
     In this class we begin with a variety of stretches to warm up the body and prepare for the class.  Hand weights & stretch bands are added to the   routine to build muscle tissue (something we lose as we age) and increases your natural & every day metabolism (the rate we burn calories).  
 Standing & balance exercises are also added to assist in building bone mass & to stave off osteoporosis.  
 Tues. @ 10:30 a.m. (Brown's Martial Arts) & Thurs. @ 6:45 p.m. (Carlisle Memorial Hall)

 Pilates with Foam Roller & Weights...
     The Foam Roller (a 3 foot long X 6 inch high solid foam roller which is provided to clients) is added to the routine to develop deep muscle tissue, 
 build strength, increase flexibility & assist with balance and proper body alignment.  The class begins either seated or standing and includes a   repertoire of exercises to stretch & warm up the body. The routine then begins to "roll" as we stretch, sculpt & strengthen all the muscles using the   roller for a complete & rewarding overall body workout.  Weights & stretch bands can be added to boost natural metabolism & build much needed   muscle tissue. Tues. @ 6:45 p.m. & Wed. @ 7:30 p.m. (Both @ Carlisle Memorial Hall)

 Pilates with Stability Ball & Weights...
     The Stability Ball is used from start to finish in this class.  We start with a standing warm up to promote good circulation, concentration, flexibility &   balance while warming up the muscles.  We then move into our routine which includes sitting, rolling & holding the ball as well as mat work.
 Weights can be added to the routine to sculpt & tone all our muscles while building up our natural metabolism (the rate we burn calories).
 Currently not on the schedule.

 Cardio Ball & Pilates (20/20/20)...
     Time to burn off some serious calories, promote weight loss & blow off everyday tension & stress.  The ball is used throughout the entire 1 hour  power packed class.  We begin with a heart pumping 20 minute cardio workout to upbeat, recognizable music that will get your heart, muscles 
 and motivation pumping!  Following a much needed drink break, we move into the next 20 minutes with weights (provided) as we sculpt, tone and  strengthen all our muscles while standing, seated and inclined with the ball.  We finish with 20 minutes of Pilates and mat work to complete the overall  workout!  Monday @ 6:45 p.m. (Millgrove Community Centre)