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"I enjoy the casual, welcoming atmosphere and that classes are close  to home"    
Karen, client of 10 years

"My entire body feels taller & I always look forward to each class"
Denise, client since Nov./17

"Love the music, the routines and instructor energy"
Joanne, client of 9 years

"The classes really work for losing weight, keeping in shape, feeling & looking younger"
Richard, client of 10 years

"I have noticed a major difference in my overall joint flexibility & muscle strength.  As I horseback ride 5 days per week, the added flexibility in my hips is particularly important to my riding ability"
Amanda, client since Nov./17

"The classes are always upbeat.  The business owner projects her positive attitude and manages to inject her energy and enthusiasm into each class"
Debi, client of 12 years

"Classes are led by an instructor who truly loves her work.  Rochelle motivates me to try my best and yet adapts all exercises for anyone who may have back, neck or other health issues.  I encourage you to take that first 6 week series and begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle"
Pauline, client of 16 years

"I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to stay flexible, enjoy a good sense of life balance & most of all who wants a friendly environment lead by an enthusiastic and fun instructor"
Cheryl, client of 13 years

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